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My travels through design


The majority of my work in design has been related to Phrasebook, a site which I created to help me learn French back when I started university. Whilst my learning of French didn't keep going, my desire to keep improving Phrasebook did, both in terms of design and development.

I started using mock-ups to try and make my designs look a bit more professional for the mobile UI.

login and register ui for phrasebook mobile

One of the big things when I started redesigning Phrasebook was how I wanted it to be about more than just storing word lists, so I came up with a more community focused design.

mobile UI for the lists and hub features


Another one of those things I've always wanted to do is start my own blog. This was the first attempt at trying to design a nice and simplistic looking blog article.

blog-main blog

Tube Mapper

A nice simple thing I wanted to design was based off Transport for London's design principles, so I designed some screens for a tube-mapper app.



There are many basic designs that one can decide to recreate, so I chose a type of app most of us use almost everyday, a Messaging app. The prototype for this can be found here.



One of the first things I attempted to design was a simple Login/Register Interface.


County flags

Inspired from a map of New York with just roads being shown on the map, I decided to combine the (official or unofficial) county flags into their borders to form these.